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Westslope Consulting

Westslope Consulting provides radar consulting and technical services to the wind industry. Mr. Geoff Blackman is the principal consultant and founder of Westslope Consulting.

Westslope principally consults with wind energy developers whose projects have the potential to interfere with radar and/or air traffic control operations. Mr. Blackman's expertise involves identifying impacts, outlining mitigation techniques and strategies, modeling, simulation, data analysis, optimization, and defining and testing software and/or hardware changes. Notable projects include the Fire Island wind project off the coast of Anchorage, AK near Ted Stevens International Airport and the Shiloh II wind project near Travis AFB, CA.

Westslope has also provided support to Idaho National laboratory at wind-radar intra-agency and JASON group meetings to further the understanding of impacts and existing and potential mitigations techniques, and to the Air Force during the ARSR-4 wind turbine interference and mitigation testing at King Mountain, TX.

Mr. Blackman has over 13 years of systems engineering experience working with the F AA and Department of Defense, where he was a subject matter expert on the two FAA Radar Systems, the ASR-11 and ARSR-4. Mr. Blackman has a Bachelor of Engineering with Honors in Electronic Engineering from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.