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Kevin Justis
AA degree and certification in both machining and welding from De Anza College

Kevin Justis joined the ASI team in 2006 and has 12 years’ experience in evaluating airspace and regulatory compliance under FAR Part 77 for alternative energy projects and tall structures around the United States. Over the years performing analyst on thousands of projects to include aviation constraints during the planning phase and coordinating and obtaining approvals from the FAA under the FAR Part 77 Process. For four years he worked as an Airspace Analyst at ASI where developed the skills and knowledge to become a Senior Airspace Analyst and Team Leader. Over the past 8 years Mr. Justis has been the Team Leader and developed a working relationship with new clients guiding them through the regulatory compliance process, developing new programs and training both old and new employees. In April of 2018, by request of Gary Allen to reduce his role as President and focus more on his General Counsel role at ASI, the Board approved Mr. Allen’s request and named Mr. Justis as President of ASI.


Prior to joining ASI, Mr. Justis worked as a roofer for 7 years.  He then worked as a Machinist where he performed as a machine set up man and programmer for 8 years making and developing high pressure fluid fittings used on military jets, tanks and heavy equipment.  He then went into business for himself which he owned and operated for 10 years before joining the ASI team in 2006.


Mr. Justis attended De Anza College where he received an AA degree and certification in both machining and welding.