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Gary Mikel Allen
General Counsel
Western State University College of Law
Ph.D. form California Western University


Dr. Allen has over 35 years of technical and legal experience in aviation, engineering, and environmental planning. A substantial part of his career has been devoted to airport compatibility planning and analysis such as noise/land use, airspace modeling, aircraft accident potential, land use risk assessment and electromagnetic interference (EMI) studies. In recent years, Dr. Allen has been heavily involved in evaluating the airspace issues and regulatory compliance under FAR Part 77 for alternative energy projects around the United States, particularly wind energy and biofuel projects as well as electric power systems.


During his career, Dr. Allen has also managed noise monitoring and computer modeling studies at civilian airports across the nation including Los Angeles International, San Diego's Lindbergh Field, Brown Field, John Wayne Airport, Salt Lake City International, Houston Intercontinental, Will Rogers World and Wiley Post airports in Oklahoma City, Oakland International, and SeaTac International. Dr. Allen also assisted these airport operators in developing noise abatement/land use compatibility plans that met both legal and public acceptability criteria. He has been similarly involved in Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) studies for military airfields such as NAS Alameda, NAS Barbers Point, MCAS Kaneohe Bay, and CGSC Elizabeth City.

Dr. Allen's focus over the last decade has been advising wind energy project developers and utility companies on Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) compliance. That includes aviation constraints analysis during the planning phase and coordinating obtaining approvals from the FAA under the FAR Part 77 process for wind and electric power systems.


Dr. Allen holds a law degree from Western State University College of Law and a Ph.D. form California Western University. He also holds an engineering degree and advanced degrees in environmental studies from California State University and certificates in Urban Planning and Environmental Analysis from the University of California, Irvine. All of his graduate studies emphasized aviation and airport operations.


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Member, California State Bar
Member, Lawyers-Pilots Bar Association